JAX Food Tech

Innovative technology for healthy food

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Target Funding

€ 900,000

This venture is an innovative startup, whose team has developed a proprietary technology of hydrolysis of vegetable matrices for the extraction of bioavailable arabinoxylans to use in various food products, with the aim of reducing the glycemic index.

The problem lies in the dangerous effects of sugar on our health. The daily dose recommended by the WHO is 25g against a consumption of 82.5g in Italy and 117 in the USA, with serious consequences: obesity (1.9 billion overweight adults in the world), related diseases (eg diabetes) and increasing health expenditure.

The solution identified by the company minimize the impact on eating habits, exploiting "the antidote" consisting of bioavailable arabinoxylans and acting on the first cause of related pathologies: post-prandial glycemic increase. The application to flour has shown a 50% peak reduction.